Monday, January 19, 2009


(my apologies to Don McLean)
“And they were singing…Bye, bye Bush-America, bye.
Drove Dick Cheney to the levy, threw Dick Cheney in dry.
Those good-old boys were drinking Lone Star and Rye
…Saying this’ll be the day that we die.”

And speaking of “American Pie” –
One day at Boot Camp…

After 8 years of cowboy diplomacy, the Bush/Cheney Regime is in its final day.


Here is a list of what will be George W. Bush’s Remembered Accomplishments.
These are in no particular order of importance or chronology.

*  Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000.  The Reagan Supreme Court awarded the Presidency to Bush.
*  al Qaeda attacked New York and Washington DC.  George Bush went into hiding for six hours.
*  America invaded Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from threatening the US and the World with Weapons of Mass Destruction.  No WMDs were found.  Even though Iraq had no WMDs, the War of Occupation in Iraq continued.
*  Bush warned, in October 2007, a ‘nucular’ Iran will cause World War III.  The December 2007 National Intelligence Estimate concluded “with high confidence” that Iran had suspended it’s nuclear weapons program in 2003.
*  Plame-Gate — CIA operative, Valerie Plame Wilson was outed by White House officials, as punishment for her husband’s anti-war editorial.
*  Plame-Gate (Part Two) – Bush promised to fire any person found to have participated in outing Valerie Plame.  Richard Armitage was allowed to retired.  Karl Rove received no punishment.  “Scooter” Libby’s felony sentence was commuted.
*  Attorney-Gate — 8 US Attorneys were fired for political reasons…being that they didn’t follow White House instructions on who to file charges against, or when to file those charges.
*  Gonzo-Gate – Alberto Gonzales and the overall politicization of the US Justice Department.
*  Overseers — Officials, answerable to the White House alone, were placed into all government agencies to assure said agencies would follow only those policies specified by the White House.  Agency reports that might have been critical of the Bush/Cheney policies were rewritten to conform with party propaganda.
*  The Military Commisions Act — The indefinite confinement of suspects without filed charges, in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
*  Secret Prisons — Clandestine detention centers were established in Asia and Eastern Europe.  Terrorist suspects were transferred to these centers to be tortured.
*  Torture-Gate — The Bush/Cheney Regime redefined the word torture, to allow terror suspects to be tortured.  Bush’s first AG, John Ashcroft approved the torture.  Gonzales, Bush’s second AG, approved the continuation of torture.  Judge Mukasey, Bush AG #3, refused to comment on torture.
*  Warrantless Wiretaps — The collusion of US Telephone and Internet companies in domestic spying against US citizens within the confines of the US.  Bush fought for giving these companies retroactive immunity against private law-suits, although he said they did nothing wrong.
*  The Death of Habeas Corpus — Incarcerated prisoners being refused the opportunity of viewing evidence presented against them…and, being refused the opportunity of disputing said evidence in a court of law.
*  Mis-Information — With overwhelming evidence to the contrary, 60% of Republicans believed Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.
*  Healthcare — The War of Occupation in Iraq was infinitely more important than the health of America’s children.
*  The Patriot Act — A law was written to dismantle the Bill of Rights.  It passed.
*  The Doctrine of Fear — The Bush/Cheney Regime kept Americans so afraid of what MIGHT happen abroad, that the public turned a blind eye to what WAS happening in America.
*  Katrina-Gate — Instead of spending $2.1 Billion to reinforce the levies surrounding New Orleans, it will now cost over $200 Billion to repair the damage. 
At last count, there are 489,000 law suits against the Bush Administration resulting from Katrina, totaling more than $3 Quadrillion…to be precise $3,014,170,389,176,410 and no cents.
Of course, both the repair bill and any law-suit damages awarded will fall on the next administration to write the checks.
*  Big Oil — Oil hit $100 per barrel in January 2008.  Exxon-Mobil earned a record $40.6 Billion in profits for 2007.  They beat the old record of $36.5 Billion, set by…Exxon-Mobil in 2006.  Gasoline prices quadrupled.
Pre-Bush:  Oil was $31 per barrel.  Gasoline was 99 cents per gallon.
All that Bush said:  ”I am concerned about the state of the economy.”
In July 2008, oil topped $147 per barrel…gasoline was $4.53 per gallon…diesel was $5.15 per gallon.
*  The Politicalization of the Military — Every time there was a need for a diplomat…whether speaking before Congress, or the United Nations, or with Heads of State…the Bush Administration sent a top ranking military person, a General or a Deputy Member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  America’s Founding Fathers had warned against mixing the military and the government, saying this would be the first step in establishing a dictatorship.
*  Fiscal Mis-Management — George Bush came into office with a $261 billion surplus.  He leaves office with a $2.1 trillion deficit. 
His first year in office saw America slide into recession.  His last year in office saw America slide into recession
*  Homeland Security — After spending billions of dollars, our borders are no more secure than they were on September 10, 2001.  The Department of Homeland Security is awash in inefficiency and mis-management.
High Tech devices designed to sniff out nuclear materials at our ports are not in place, and cargo containers are not being fully screened.  After six years, airport security consists of longer lines, toothpaste being limited to 3 ounces…in a plastic bag, and the requirement that shoes be removed when entering  passenger areas.
*  Immigration — The ‘Virtual Fence’ along our Southern border hasn’t worked.  Passports were now needed to cross the Mexican and Canadian borders.  Passport fees were increased to $100.
*  Climate Change — The Bush/Cheney Regime dragged their feet in response to the overwhelming evidence that Climate Change was, at least in part, caused by man…specifically the burning of fossil fuels.  They resisted efforts to increase CAFE standards.  Their EPA defied Supreme Court rulings requiring them to look into CO2 emissions as a harmful pollutant.
Bush’s solution was to leave the problem to his successor.
*  The Politicization of Laura — On May 5, 2008, in response to the devastating cyclone that hit Myanmar (Burma), First Lady Laura Bush held a news conference to announce sanctions against the government of Myanmar.  The speech began with brief offers of US aid to the Burmese people.  It quickly morphed into condemnation of their Government by the Bush Administration, through the words of Laura. 
This news conference should have been conducted by Director of National Security Stephen Hadley, Secretary of State Rice, or President Bush, himself.
*  The Wall Street Crash — In the fourth quarter of 2008, as the Mortgage Crisis loomed heavily over America, Wall Street went south.  The Bush/Cheney Regime allowed Bear Stearns to die…prevented Merrill Lynch from failing…watched as Lehman Brothers ceased to exist…bolstered AIG with taxpayer dollars…and, helped Bank of America to become THE bank of America.  700 billion taxpayer dollars to Wall Street CEOs, with no oversight on how these CEOs would spend the money…including a luxury getaway complete with private massages.
CitiGroup got billions, and was allowed to spend $400 million to rename a baseball park in their own honor.  They spent millions to rename the Rose Bowl college football game in their own honor. 

Tomorrow, George W. Bush rides into the sunset.  He’ll be gone.  But, unfortunately, he cannot be forgotten.
In time, our wounds will heal…no thanks to Bush.


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Sunday, December 28, 2008


“And, that’s the way it was…2008

Father Time closes his eyes, once again, on another year.

We are still at war in Iraq and Afganistan…with no solutions in sight.  The Bush/Cheney Regime negotiated a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqi government, that all but insures American troops will remain until, at least, 2012.
We will have a new president on January 20, 2009.  But, Barack Obama seems to have shifted his policies with regards to a drawdown in Iraq.  Bob Gates, George W Bush’s Secretary of Defense, has been tapped to retain his job.  Gates is opposed to any formal timetable for withdrawal.
Whereas the Middle East seems to have quieted down, a bit, it is still the most volatile region on this planet.  Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has been slated to replace Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State.  She was an interesting choice, considering her opposing views of the world from those of Obama and VP Joe Biden.  But, she IS well-known, well-connected, and has a very strong personality.  We shall see just how much allowance the Obama Administration will give her.

The mortgage crisis is still dragging the US economy down.  But, the Bush/Cheney Regime gave $700 billion to the Banking Industry.  This money was supposed to be used for the issuance of loans.  The credit market is tighter than before the bailout.  This money was supposed to be used to pull America’s economy out of recession.  Some undisclosed amount was given to foreign banks, so they wouldn’t go under.  There were supposed to be limitations placed on these funds.  The 16 financial institutes receiving the money are still planning to provide their CEOs with ‘Golden Parachutes’.  There was supposed to be Congressional oversight.  With the first half of this money already dispersed, Congress has no idea where it went…or for what purpose.

Big Auto, facing bankruptcy, raced to Washington DC, aboard corporate jets, to plead for money.  They got it…but, not before a few southern Republicans forced a few illogical limitations into the mix.  GM, Ford, and Chrysler MUST show profit by March 2009, or be forced to repay the bridge-loan early.  It is interesting that these southern Senators are from states that have non-union foreign auto manufacturing plants within their constituencies. 
Ultimately, these provisions will be eliminated…but, at what cost to our domestic automobile manufacturing capabilities?

In this age of tolerance, civil rights have been dealt a deafening blow.  Eight states passed laws outlawing state-recognition of ‘gay love’.  California went so far as passing Proposition 8, which places an amendment to the Constitution making gay marriage illegal…thus nullifying thousands of legally married gays’ rights.  The religious-right, mainly the Mormon Church, financed this hate-filled fight.  Eventually, the California Supreme Court will strike this amendment off the books…fore if it does not, expect laws to be suggested prohibiting interracial marriage, or interfaith coupling.

Several GOPers, fearing ‘guilt by association’ are pleading with their party to distance themsleves from crazies like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox News.  They blame these narrow-minded reactionary “nut-jobs” for their defeats in the 2006 Congressional and the 2008 General elections.  Limbaugh and Coulter may have already been on their way out, as early as Spring 2008.  Their racist rants against Obama, and their feigned support of Clinton, along with their attempted destruction of the McCain campaign, may have led to them being ostracized by the very people who gave them voice.  Even Rupert Murdoch seems to have tired of Hannity and O’Reilly.

Sarah Palin (R-Ak) came and went with much fanfare.  Some pundits are pushing her for the GOP nomination in 2012.  But, history shows that failed VP candidates have not faired well in politics following their election attempt.  For Palin, her legacy will be Thanksgiving turkeys and her $150,000 clothing budget for three months of public spotlight.

This past year was primarily about the Presidential election…the promises…the accusations…the joy…the fear…the love…the hate.  We shall see how next year will unfold.

UPDATE – December 29, 2008:  Israel is in its third day of carpet bombing the Gaza Strip.  So far, 300 Palastinians have died, while only three Israelis have lost their lives.  Lop-sided response to any possible Palestinian attack, at best.
Bush’s idea was to introduce, by force, democracy into the Middle East.  Well…he succeeded.  Lebanon held democratic elections.  Hezbollah won.  Bush declared them terrorists.  Iran held (psuedo) democratic elections.  Ahmedinejad won.  Bush declared the Iraninan Government terrorists.  Palestine held two elections.  Fatah won in the West Bank…Hamas won in the Gaza Strip.  The Bush Regime declared Hamas terrorists.
It would seem that you had better elect those candidates that the Bush/Cheney Regime deem acceptable, or face the real possibility that the US would disavow your victory, and declare you enemies of the world.
21 days to go, before Bush is kicked to the street.

UPDATE – January 1, 2009:
Happy New Year.  May 2009 be a damn site better than 2008.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Power Corrupts

Yesterday, the day before his 52nd birthday, Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich was arrested and handcuffed by FBI agents for political corruption…for allegedly trying to sell the vacated Senatorial seat of President-Elect Barack Obama.  Earlier this month, he even challenged his advisaries to wiretap his conversations…warning against ‘salty’ language.  Guess what, Gov…they did…and you got busted!  Today, he walked back into his office to continue his role as Governor.  Talk about ‘balls’.
I have to agree with the FBI Chief who questioned whether Illinois was, in fact, the most corrupt state in the US.  Without documentation about the other 49 states, Illinois takes the prize.  With Patrick Fitzgerald leading the investigation, I think we can rest assured that the facts will come out in full.  Fitz, in case you forgot, was the Special Prosecutor that busted I. Louis “Scooter” Libby for his role in the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson.
But, the appointment of Obama’s successor still lies in the hands of Gov. Back-Door-jevich.  The Illinois State Senate will be meeting in special session, to decide whether to enact legislation stripping the current Governor of his role in choosing the next Senator.  Illinois Senator. Dick Durbin is pressing for a special election.  However, Illinois State Constitution clearly states that the Governor, and only the Governor, has the sole duty to appoint a Senator, should that seat be vacated…for whatever reason.  The Illinois legislature AND Senator
Durbin would be in violation of the Illinois Constitution, should they be successful in their efforts.
The Neocons are trying, desperately, to associate Obama with the scandal, even though Fitz, himself, has emphatically stated that he was not involved.  Blagojevich, in a wire-tapped conversation, stated that the Obama Transition team would only give him “appreciation”.  In fact, it is reported that Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanual was the person that informed the FBI of Oy-vey-ovich’s antics.  Still, the Repugs try to smear Obama’s reputation…giving an indication of things to come.

Rod has simply followed his predecessors.  Four of the last eight Illinois Governors were busted.  In the past 40 years, 79 state and local Illinois politicians have been convicted of crimes…and are either serving, or have served time in jail.  Without evidence to the contrary, Illinois must be the most corrupt state in the US.

And, absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Technical difficulties seem to jump at you from all angles…and hang on far too long.  Such was the case with me and this blog.  I just couldn’t get on.  But, now I’m back.
I know I have missed commenting on many important events, and can only say…Damn!

I missed out on the Democratic National Convention.
The best line out of that convention was something Hillary Clinton said.  I don’t remember what.  Damn!

I missed out on the Republican National Convention.
It seems the Republicans ALSO missed that convention.

I would have loved to have commented on the Debates…especially between Biden and Palin.  Damn!

By the way…Obama/Biden won the General Election.

Wall Street crashed.  The government nationalized America’s banking system.  AIG almost went belly-up.  Our government nationalized AIG.
Detroit’s auto industry is begging for help.  So far nothing. 
Some are claiming that as long as the CEOs of Big Auto keep screwing up, they don’t deserve help.  Seems these politicians have forgotten the wonderful jobs the CEOs of Countrywide, Merrill Lynch, CitiGroup, Wachovia, etc. have done to keep their industry above water.  Others claim that certain members of Congress are fighting an Auto bailout just to break the Unions.

It IS interesting that every time Bush or Paulson or Bernecke speak, the Dow crashes.  But, when Obama or any of his economic team speak, the market soars.

For 7 1/2 years we have heard Neocons call any timetable for US troop removal from Iraq as defeatism.  Now that the Iraqis want us out, they say they’ve been for a withdrawal all along.

Bush had always said that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9-11 attacks.  Now, he says he never believed Hussein had any association with al Qaeda.

OJ Simpson got convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery.  He got sentenced for the 1994 double murder he was acquited of.

I know I have missed other important events.  But, it’s late, and I can’t remember any more.

In Memorium:
The world should well remember the events of 67 years ago today.  We grieve for the fallen.

UPDATE:  Hillary’s memorable Convention line was a reference to “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pant-Suit.”

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


On June 4, 2007, I predicted Clinton/Obama as the Democratic ticket, up against Giuliani/Bloomberg on the Republican side.  I said Joe Biden was running for Secretary of State.
Boy…was I wrong.
Giuliani crapped out early.  Bloomberg left the GOP to become an Independent.
I was closer on the Dem’s pick:  Obama/Biden.  Hillary self-destructed.

UPDATE — December, 2008:
Barack Obama is set to nominate Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
You know…if you take my top pick for the ticket, and move her name to the bottom…I called it, exactly.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

More Drilling

Oil prices are through the roof, and gasoline prices are approaching $5/gallon.  We all feel it.  We all suffer.

Republicans say the answer is to drill more oil, off the coasts of California, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida.  They want to drill in the Arctic National Widlife Refuge, aka: ANWR.  They claim that more domestic drilling would automatically reduce the price at the pumps, even though President Bush has said, himself, that this extra drilling would have lilttle effect on the cost of oil per barrel, or gasoline per gallon..  But, they want to drill, anyway.
Democrats want to preserve the pristine ANWR, and fear major oil spills from off-shore exploration.  They site the 1969 oil spill in the Santa Barbara (Ca) Channel, and the aftermath of Katrina, as evidence.  They want conservation and higher CAFE standards.  They say increased drilling, today, won’t produce extra fuel for at least 18 years.
Republicans state that existing technology now allows horizontal drilling up to seven miles, so dsturbances in ANWR would be minimal.  Democrats say that the heat generated by any pipeline would melt the permafrost and cause major disturbances in the migratory patterns of the animals that call the Wildlife Refuge home.

Proponents of off-shore drilling in California’s outer shelf claim this would relieve California’s pump-pain.  California pays the highest price for gasoline than any other state in the Union.
What these people, including Rep Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley, Ca) fail to remember is that the EPA will not allow California to use any California oil.  It has too high sulphur content.  California exports its oil to Japan, and imports oil from Mexico.  So, drilling in California’s offshore and onshore oil fields will do nothing to lower the price of gasoline in California. 

I do not suggest that we burn sulphuric gasoline.  There exists, today, the means to scrub sulphur out.  Why aren’t the refineries using these techniques?

Some are calling for more diesel vehicles on our roads.  They claim a 30% increase in mileage using diesel instead of gasoline.  Opponents say that the increased price of diesel far outweighs the mileage benefits.  Both sides site Europe as proof of their statements.
The problem with American diesel is that it is dirty and smelly.  Just drive behind a diesel-powered bus.  Europe has cleaner diesel which costs more to refine, and costs more at the pump.  American refineries are unwilling to produce cleaner diesel for fear they would be unable to recoup the extra expense while maintaining their obscene profits.  This is, I expect, the same reason they won’t retrofit refineries with sulphur scrubbers.  And, America has a negative impression of diesel-powered vehicles.  Remember those afore-mentioned buses?  Remember the diesel-powered Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs?

America needs to be educated about today’s diesel, non-corn-based ethanol, and compressed natural gas.  America also needs to be re-educated regarding regular vehicular maintenance and proper tire pressure.

In the coming months, many Americans will feel the pinch as they gear up for deliveries of fuel oil to heat their homes during the Winter.
Republicans want to burn more coal.  I don’t know what the Democrats are proposing.

Earlier this month, a bill was being debated in Congress that would have set the standard of using American oil in America, instead of exporting it.  The Republicans were opposed, and the bill never made it out of commitee.

Demopublicrats AND Redemocans should all support this already proposed law that would mandate ALL oil and natural gas extracted from domestic fields be used for domestic purposes, first…that ALL oil and gas pumped from American soil (on-shore and off-shore) be reserved for America, alone.
Until Congress passes this bill, and the President signs it, this oil will be placed on the open market, subject to market speculators and manipulators.  How does that help anyone, except Exxon-Mobil?  To allow domestic production to flow into the worldwide open market just gives Big Oil more profit by selling it to China and India.
Why should we transfer $700 billion, according to oil-man T Boone Pickens, to foreign nations instead of keeping it in the United States?  By refusing to mandate domestic production for domestic use, we keep ourselves in the grip of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela.


As far as more drilling, The Democrats have proposed a new rule advocating Big Oil drill in the approximately 68 million acres it already leases, BEFORE trying to secure any additional acreage to explore and exploit. 
“Use it, or lose it.”
The Republicans are opposed to this proposal.

We should also mandate that all new construction…residential, commercial, industrial, and military…be required to include co-generation solar power in their plans.  Incentives should be given to those who retrofit their buildings to include solar, wind, or any other appropriate ‘green, renewable’ energy source.  That infrastructure is already in place.  It has been since the 1970s.

Of course, as we buy Iranian oil, Iran buys American cigarettes.  Maybe we should propose a swap: 
A barrel of oil for a carton of Marlboros.

Just a thought.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

In The News

Arizona Senator John McCain, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, has said that the ‘surge’ has worked, and that America is at pre-surge levels in Iraq.  According to the Pentagon, in January 2007 there were 132,000 American troop in Iraq.  In June 2007, at the height of the ‘surge’, there were 160,000 American troops in Iraq.  Today the Pentagon announced that the ‘surge’ was officially over.  150,000 Americans remain in Iraq…18,000 more troops that in January 2007. 
The ‘surge’ was nothing more than an escalation…and it remains so, today.

Senator John McCain still doesn’t know the difference between the Sunni and the Shia…extremists and al Qaeda.
He still believes Czechoslovakia exists…15 years, 7 months, and 15 days AFTER this country peaceably divided itself into The Czech Republic and Slovakia. 
So much for his expertise on foreign policy.

Dennis Kucinich will finally have his day in Congress.  It has been announced that Impeachment Hearings against the Bush/Cheney Regime may begin as early a next week.  But, according to House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, actual impeachment is STILL off the table.

Former Senator Phil Graham, McCain’s economic advisor, has called America a nation of whiners.  America whines about $4.50/gallon gasoline. America whines about massive home foreclosures.  America whines about major bank failures.  America whines about 4100+ Americans dead in Iraq.
Yesterday, it was reported that this same Senator Phil Graham once contributed $15,000 to produce and release a porn movie called “Truckstop Women”, about ‘loose’ girls at a truckstop.  He was listed as Executive Producer.  Its advertising slogan:
“No rig is too big for these girls.”
He also contributed $7,500, and was listed as Producer, for the soft-porn movie “White House Madness” about a Nixon-like man who runs through the White House naked.
Senator Graham’s own brother-in-law released this information.
There is a new billboard on the highway.  It shows the WTC Twin Towers on fire, just after the 9-11 attacks.  It reads:
“Please don’t vote for a Democrat.”
It is signed by
I think they should erect another billboard, across from this one, saying:
“Remember…On September 11, 2001, the Republicans were in charge.”

The day after his daughters, poised and eloguent in their own right, gave an interview on the National Barack Channel’s Access Hollywood, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, said the interview was a mistake, “and it won’t happen again.”  Neocons immediately jumped on him saying he was exploiting his children.  Those who watched the interview could not understand Obama’s objections.

President George W. Bush, in front of the Israeli Knessit, called Obama an “appeaser” for wanting to negotiate with Iran.  Just yesterday, it was announced that Bush would be sending the third highest ranking diplomat in the State Department to Iran, to negotiate with the head of the Iranian nuclear program.  Has “I am the Decider” now become “I am the Appeaser’?

Last Thursday, Karl Rove, citing Executive Priviledge, defied a Congressional subpoena and refused to appear before that body to answer questions regarding the prosecution of a prominent Alabama Democrat, Former Governor Don Siegleman.  Congress has the choice of charging Rove with  Contempt of Congress, arresting and imprisoning Rove, or doing nothing. 
Today, Attorney General Michael Mukasey cited Executive Priviledge to say he would not testify before Congress as to the politicization of the Justice Department.  At his confirmation hearings, Mukasey said he would return the Justice Department to independence from White House intervention and influence.
Both men stated that they had no conversations with President Bush about these issues, but still hid beneath Executive Priviledge.
As with Harret Myers and Josh Bolton, Congress will probably do nothing.
To quote Dan Abrams:  “…another reason why America hates Washington.”

If the Swift-Boat campaign against 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry (D-Ma) was fair (according to pro-Bush pundits), why are the reports by McCain’s fellow prisoners-of-war, claiming McCain might have collaborated with the VietCong during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton not fair, as well?

I am not pro-Obama…far from it. 
In 2000, I supported McCain.  But, today’s McCain is NOT the same man.  And, I will not allow my daughter, my grandchildren, or my yet-to-be-born great grandchildren to be forced to fight McCain’s “100 years” war in Iraq.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

I Now Pronouce You…

On this day after the 232nd birthday of America, it seems the right time to talk about those people who have forgotten the meaning of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

On May 16, 2008, the California Supreme Court overturned the voter-approved Proposition – - that declared marriage as between a man and a woman…only.

Oddly enough, since this action was taken by the Court, I have noticed no meltdown of traditional values that the religious zealots have predicted.
My wife and I are still married.
Our son is still married to his wife.
Our eldest daughter is still married to her husband.
Our youngest daughter has not yet asked to date another girl.
Our grandchildren have not been ‘indoctrinated’, by teachers, to abandon heterosexual relationionships for homosexual relationships.
Nothing has changed.

UPDATE — November, 2008:  Proposition 8, declaring marriage as between a man and a woman…only…passed.  The California Constitution will now be rewritten to legalize discrimination.
On the same day we elected Barack Obama, as The Change Candidate, we have also sent civil rights back 50 years.
So much for change.

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Friday, July 4, 2008


Today, we celebrate the 232nd anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the formation of the United States.

Although, in recent years, certain people have viciously assailled our Constitution, America still stands as the guiding light for people who yearn to live free.  America still stands as the land of opportunity.  America still stands as an example of:
‘If you wish it to be…it CAN be’.
America still stands as the ultimate expression of freedom.

Please take a moment to consider just what that means.

Please take a moment to remember the 4,113 Americans who cannot participate in today’s historic celebrations.

Click on the Archived Tagword “Constitution”. 
Although flawed, it is still a pretty good document.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Footwear

“Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is.”

There are four months to go before Americans go to the polls in, hopefully, record numbers to elect the 44th President of the United States.  If you thought the Democratic Primary Season was intense, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The Spin Doctors are out in force proclaiming their candidate is the only candidate of change, and that the opposition is merely the same old politician we’ve seen in the past.  You might think this is Barack Obama’s strategy…but, you’d be wrong. 
John McCain’s surrogates are calling the Arizona Senator the only person capable of bringing change to Washington.  They accuse Obama of moving so far to the right of his ‘far-left’ base that he has become “just another politician.”  Obama’s people continue to call McCain a ‘Bush-Clone’, while standing in front of banners proclaiming “Change You Can Believe In”.

Both camps accuse the other of major flip-flopping…flip-flopping so extreme that you can no longer believe anything the candidate says.

You be the judge.

I’ve flipped a coin, to decide which candidate I would begin with…heads for Obama, tails for McCain…I begin with Barack Obama.

In a primary debate, Obama said he would meet “without pre-conditions” the leaders of those nations that are violently opposed to the American way of life:  Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, and Venezuela.  He now says that he will meet on diplomatic levels with representatives of these governments, only after “certain conditions are met.”

McCain told President Bush that he would not accept Americans torturing anyone, including ’enemy detainees’, either in Guantanamo, or on US soil.  He then voted against a Senate bill that would have prohibited the CIA from using Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, such as waterboarding.

Obama promised to fillibuster ANY Senate bill that gave the giant telecom companies any immunity for their participation in the Bush policy of warrantless wiretaps.  He now says he favors a compromise bill that would eliminate liability in civil suits, while leaving open the possibility of criminal charges.

In the 2001, McCain opposed Bush’s then-proposed tax cuts as “overly favoring the rich”.  In 2008, he is campaigning on making these tax cuts permanent.

During his State Senate career, and again as US Senator from Illinois, Obama had been fervently pro-gun control.  He now says he favors the Supreme Court decision, handed down this past week, invalidating Washington D.C.’s stringent anti-gun laws.

McCain had frequently called the ‘Religious Right’ “Agents of Intolerance”.  He now seeks the endorsments of such Christian fanatics as Rev John Hagee, and Rev Rod Parsley. 

During the Primary campaign, Obama stated, often, that he would begin bringing the troops home from Iraq “on my first day in office”.  He now says that he will rely on the recommendations from the “Generals on the ground.”

McCain co-wrote, and co-sponsored the Kennedy-McCain Immigration Reform Bill that was endorsed by President Bush.  Finding that bill popularly unfavorable, he then said that if it came up again, he would not vote for it.  He now says he is glad that he wrote and sponsored the bill.

In the early stages of the Primary campaign, Obama signed a letter promising he would work intensely with the Republican nominee to protect ‘public funding’ for presidential elections.  He has now said that he would forgo such public financing.

During the Summer of 2007, McCain accepted public financing for his Primary campaign.  When he secured enough private funding, base on that pledge, he opted out.  He has now opted back in.

Flip-flop flop-flip, oh, how confusing it is.

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